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Disk Usage: This is the allotment of storage you have on your account. This would be your "hard drive".

Bandwidth: This is the amount of data transfer your site has had between your account and someone viewing your site.

MySQL Disk Usage: Similar to your disk usage. However, this is only tallied from data stored within a database.

CPU Usage: The amount the server has to work to display your webpage. Scripts such as WordPress tend to run high CPU usage.

Physical Memory Usage: This is your RAM "Random Access Memory". RAM is used to store temporary memory to help execute tasks on your website.

Number of Processes: As the name suggests, this is the number of processes running on your account.

I/O usage: Input / Output usage is how much disk activity your hosting account is using. This limit is in place to prevent one account from over-utilizing the disk, which would slow down or prevent other sites from working.

IOPS: This is the amount of IO operations per second your account is using.

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